#20 – COHERE

3/2/19 – Today is our 20th Hyperlocal MKE we feature seventeen improvising collaborators! Our prompt is “Cohere” – each of the three ensembles have developed a score based on this.  Also we have a new trailer by Nate Greely!

Score #1

  •  Funnel –>chaotic and ends in unity with one collective  idea.
  •  Individual solo voices congregate in Funnel
  • Duets → Have 2 duets
  • Gradually cohere to a unified group with one idea
  • Flocking

Score #2

  • CLING on to an idea from Same, Same — make it sticky
  • FUSE sticky ideas (systems working in a unit)
  • Fusions interlock and turn into group mass (coherence)
  • Ending— 3 pulses meaning exit for dancers / silence for musicians is pulse.                + Mass-ness is happening… sonic drop out

Score #3  ** overarching theme of CONTRAST of chaos / cohere -Disconnect to Connect


  • Scramble  (passing in between, making space for chaos to be ordered)
  • Contact Point   (touch or sound impact)
  • Clump/Stick to sculptural formations
  • Flock  → (find group rhythm/repetition) renegade scuttle/stillness