El Encuentro

Join us on Sunday September 28th at 4pm for our first performance,

Hyperlocal #1 – El Encuentro


some ideas on “el encuentro”

ir al encuentro de lo desconocidoto go out to face the unknown
a specific moment in time
different than the verb to encounter
a beginning and an end
something that brought change
two people   –  maybe more than two people
if our lives are a series of moments, I encounter this moment
I meet you here
the moment begins and ends and a new one begins
the intention in action to meet and the presence of mind  to do “what happens”
There was a milonga in Los Angeles I attended, called El Encuentro. People showed up, we danced. I like this kind of meeting.
Remedios Varo's "El Encuentro"

Remedios Varo’s “El Encuentro”