Performance Calendar

2018 Performance Season 

Hyperlocal MKE #15 – Voluntary

Sunday February 25, 2017, 4pm
The Back Room at Colectivo

2211 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202



  • Done willingly and without constraint or expectation of reward
  • Agency: optional, discretionary, elective, noncompulsory, volitional
  • Work: unpaid, unsalaried, unwaged, for free, without charge
  • Psychology: under the conscious control of the brain
  • Economics: made without return in money or other consideration
  • Music: A short piece of music, often improvised on a solo instrument, played as an introduction to a larger work.
  • Law: Done intentionally but without premeditation or deliberation, as when under the influence of an intenseemotional reaction

Performers: Andy Miller, Maria Gillespie, Joelle Worm

2017 Performance Season

Hyperlocal MKE #15 – Rhizome

Sunday November 12th, 4pm
 at Kenilworth Square East – Studio #620. (Sixth Floor)
2155 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202
(Enter the Kenilworth East Gallery from the alley side of the building, between Urban Outfitters and Neroli.)
Suggested Donations-
$8 Students with ID, $10 General Admission
No one turned away for lack of funds – just come!

RHIZOME : a continuously growing horizontal underground stem that puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals. A Rhizome (/ˈraɪzoʊm/, from Ancient Greek: rhízōma “mass of roots”,[1] from rhizóō “cause to strike root”)[2] is a modified subterranean stem of a plant that is usually found underground, often sending out roots and shoots from its nodes.

Collaborating Performers
Composers: Jay Mollerskov, Pat Reinholtz, Paul Westfahl, Allen Russell, Olivia Valenza
Choreographers: Maria Gillespie, Joelle Worm, Andrea Burkholder, Maggie Seer, Zach Schorsch, Katherina Abderholden, Jimmi Weyneth, Kate Slezak, Kelsey Lee, Chanteé Kelly

Featuring collaboration with our special guests from The Peck School of the Arts, students Olivia Valenza, Jimmi Weyneth, Kate Slezak, Kelsey Lee, Chanteé Kelly

This Hyperlocal is Co-Sponsored by the UWM Peck School of the Arts. Very special thanks to UW-Milwaukee, The Peck School of the Arts, and The Department of Dance.

Hyperlocal MKE #14 – Translation

A special collaboration with Margaret Paek at Lawrence University

  • Sunday September 24, 4pm
  • The Esch dance studio
  • Lawrence University – Appleton, Wisconsinin Warch Campus Center    

Campus Address: 711 E. Boldt Way (In map search, look for  Warch Campus Center on the campus map)

Admission: Free

Collaborating Performers:  Margaret Paek, Loren Dempster, Maria Gillespie, Andy Miller, Dan Schuchart, Joelle Worm, Maggie Seer, Katerina Abderholden, Barry Paul Clark, Jay Molerskov, Olivia Valenza,  Jimmi Weyneth, Kate Slezak, Kelsey Lee

Hyperlocal MKE #13 – Easement

  • Sunday May 14, 3pm
  • Lynden Sculpture Garden
  • 2145 W Brown Deer Rd, River Hills, WI 53217

Admission: Free for Members,Non Members Adults – $9, $7 seniors/students w/ID, children free

Performers Include: Tim Russell, Tali Moss, Maria Gillespie, Allen Russell, David Collins, Paul Westfahl, Barry Paul Clark, Maggie Seer, Kayla Flentje, Isaac Robertson, Chanteé Kelly and Special Guests: Margaret Paek (Lawrence University) and Loren Dempster .

The prompt “Easement” leads the performers through an investigation that examines how we enter, inhabit, and occupy a landscape (micro and macro) without possessing it. The inquiry where habitat, nature, and memory interupt each other is ushered in by the work of artist Cecelia Condit whose exhibition, Women, Nature, Science: Tales of a Future Past is showing in the Lynden gallery.

Facebook Event:

Hyperlocal MKE #12 – Ornate/Activate

  • Sunday February 26th, 6pm
  • Suggested Donation $5 students with ID-$10 general
  • Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
  • 2220 N. Terrace Avenue, Milwaukee, WI  53202

Performers: Tim Russell, Nick Zoulek, Olivia Valenza, Maria Gillespie, Joelle Worm, Maggie Seer, Chanteé Kelly, Emily Barsch, Kayla Flentje, Natalie Moss and special guests Margaret Paek & Loren Dempster/Lawrence University and Liz Sexe/UW Madison

Digital Media: Nicole Langenfeld

This performance is in conversation with exhibition Ornate Activate, organized by South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC). The performers investigate tactility, ornamentation, and architecture as they experiment with the performance of pattern making to activate space and environment.

Facebook Event:


2015-2016  Performance Season

Hyperlocal #11 – G E N E R A T I O N

  • Sunday 10/23/16    6-7:30pm
  • INOVA – UWM’s gallery for interdisciplinary art.
    2155 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI
    ** Now known at Kenilworth East Gallery
  • Tickets: $5 Students with ID, $10 General Admission
    No one turned away for lack of funds – just come!

Generation (Latin): “to beget”, or…to give life to something, A Cohort, a cycle of life, the form of a life cycle, whether Gen X or Millenial – we investigate the cycle of knowledge, of making, and of passing on and re-imagining our social and cultural rituals.

(Enter the Kenilworth East Gallery from the alley side of the building, between Urban Outfitters and Neroli.)

for updated info visit:

Performers: Tim Russell, Maria Gillespie, Joelle Worm, Daniel Burkholder, Andrea Burkholder, Emily Barsch, Isaac Robertson plus more!

Facebook Event:

Hyperlocal #10 – F R I N G E  at the MKE FRINGE FESTIVAL

Performers: Margaret Paek, Dani Kuepper, Dan Schuchart, Tim Russell, Maria Gillespie
Tickets for the Milwaukee Fringe Festival are now available! You can purchase single show tickets, one day passes for Saturday and/or Sunday, or a two-day all inclusive pass. Single show tickets are priced at $10.50, one-day passes are priced at $20.50, and two-day passes are priced at $30.50.
To purchase a ticket for an individual show via TicketMaster, click the name of the show below. Get your Saturday pass here, Sunday pass here, or your two-day pass here.
*Note that TicketMaster service fees apply when purchasing your tickets online. Buy your tickets ahead of time at the Marcus Center box office or over the phone to avoid these fees. Tickets are also available at the door.
The Box Office is located at 929 N. Water Street in the main lobby of the Marcus Center.  Tickets may be purchased in person at the Box Office Window during the following hours:M-F 11:30 am – 9 pm, Sat 12 noon – 9 pm, Sun 12 noon – 5 pm
Tickets may be purchased by calling the Marcus Center Box Office 414-273-7206

Hyperlocal #9  – F L U X

Tickets: Pay What You Can  (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Please join us for a reception following the performance!
Performers: Tim Russell, Allen Russell, Jay Mollerskov,  Joelle Worm, Maria Gillespie, Dan Schuchart, Daniel Burkholder, Andrea Burkholder

Hyperlocal #10  – F R I N G E

special performance as part of Fringe Festival MKE

Sunday August 28th  6:00pm

Details coming soon!


Hyperlocal #8  – H I V E

  • Sunday 4/17/16    6:00pm
  • Live Artist Studio
  • 228 S 1st St, Ste 302
  • Enter from Oregon, look for sandwich board with sign, take stairs to 3rd floor.
  • Admission: $10 and $5  Students W/ ID
  • No one turned away for lack of funds

Performers: Maria Gillespie, Pat Reinholtz, Tim Russell, Dan Schuchart, Rhea Speights, Paul Westfahl, David Collins

Facebook Event:


Hyperlocal #7 – M e l t i n g   P o i n t

  • Sunday 2/21/16    6:00pm
  • INOVA  – UW-Milwaukee Institute of Visual Art
  • 2155 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI
  • $5 suggested donation

Tim Russell, Amanda Schoofs, Steve Schlei, David Collins, Allen Russell, Maria Gillespie, Devin Settle, Daniel Burkholder, and Andrea Burkholder.
“at the melting point, the solid and liquid exist in equilibrium”
Facebook event:



Previous Events

 Hyperlocal #6.5 – Form[less]

  • Sunday 11/8    6:00pm
  • The Wherehouse
  • 818 S Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53204
  • $10 suggested donation (cash is preferred)
  • $5 suggested donation for Students W/ ID

Paul Westfahl, Dan Schuchart, Tim Russell, Gina Laurenzi, Maria Gillespie, Pat Reinholtz, Joelle Worm, David Collins

Facebook Event:

Hyperlocal #6 – Liminal

  • Sunday 9/27    5:00pm
  • New Location
    Milwaukee Friendship Meeting House
    3224 N. Gordon Place
    Milwaukee, WI 53212
  • Tickets $10 cash at the door
  • Students WITH ID $5
  • Facebook Event:

Tim Russell, Dawn Springer, Maria Gillespie, Pat Reinholtz, Allen Russell, Joelle Worm, David Collins, and Daniel Burkholder.

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Performance Archive

Hyperlocal #4  –   
  • Sunday April 26th
  • 5:00 pm
  • $10 Suggested Cash Donation at the door
  • Core Essence Yoga
    • 1437 E Brady Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Please join us for a reception following the performance.

Hyperlocal #3  Open Source

Hyperlocal #2   Incubator

  • Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hyperlocal #1   El Encuentro  (the meeting)

  • Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hyperlocal #1 and #2 both took place at:

  • Milwaukee Friendship House
  • 3224 N. Gordon Place (East of Humbolt, between Locust and Capitol Dr. bridges  )


No one turned away for lack of funds. All are welcome.

For the newest or last minute info please visit us at:

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