Between Constructions of Desire


Between Constructions of Desire 

  • March 5, 7pm
  • March 6, 4pm
    *Note: times are tentative and may change. Please check back for updates.
  • Ticket info coming soon

    Jan Serr Studio  – UWM’s Kenilworth Square East – 6th Floor
    2155 N Prospect Ave.

Maria Gillespie | The Collaboratory will present Between Constructions of Desire, a movement installation exploring  continuums emphasize the links between interior space and  external space – between which lies desire of the always localized body. The layered and ongoing possibilities of embodied experience are brought into relief by exploration of body, object, and space. Minimalist sculptures and movement scores are influenced by the legacy created by Forti, Schneeman, Mendieta, Streb, and Brown*. This dance extends the bodies’ flesh spaces into space and architecture as Stelarc says, “to be a medium of experience”, and one that reminds us of the inherent desire that space leverages to express power, affection, labor, and the promise of impermanence.

  • Dancers and collaborators: Katelyn Altmann, Amanda Laabs, Annie Peterson*
  • Music composition and performance: Countess Olivia Valenza
  • Sculptures by Glenn Williams

Dancers are UWM Student Undergraduate Research Fellows Jan 2018-May 2019.