Hyperlocal MKE #12 – Ornate/Activate

On Sunday, February 26, 2017 6pm, we will present our 12th installment of our performance series at The Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. This performance holds special significance for us because we are working with and alongside the exhibition at Villa Terrace, Ornate Activate , organized by South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC) and curated by Alexander Campos. Additionally, we have included some new performers, extending our collaborations with guest performers from UW Whitewater (Nick Zoulek), Lawrence University ( Margaret Paek, Loren Dempter), UW Madison (Liz Sexe), and UWM Peck School students (Emily Bartsch, Chanteé Kelly, Kayla Flentje, Olivia Valenza, Talli Moss) and our local dance heroines Joelle Worm (UWM dance and Arts Eco) and Maggie Smith (UWM alumna).  Different performers will work in specific galleries in the museum and engage with the artists’ work; aligning with, conversing with, holding space, and echoing the patterns and practices in embodied, time-based methods of inquiry.   Each collaborative pair or team has created their own score based on the work in the gallery.   Below are the scores (completely in process and guaranteed to change).

Photos by Nicole Langenfeld

maggie  – tally

 – Find the pattern (tonal, spatial, quality, gestural, etc.)
– Add ornamentation/specified gesture (a good place incorporate the idea of the ‘freedom spectrum’)
– Let the ornamentation decay or fade away
– Come back to the original pattern, which is now changed due to the exploration of experimentation that occurred with ornamentation.

joelle – nick – chanteé

CORNERS – start in isolation, Joelle/Chantee in main gallery, Nick in stained glass room.  Move according to sensations of sound (Nick and other musicians) and tactile (body in corner, against walls, etc.)
TRANSITION to seeing the space around you/in front of you in detail, move in reaction to what you see and what continue to hear
MIRROR  Joelle and Chantee use the divider of the center wall to mirror without deciding who is leader
CIRCLING- Nick enters and all three work together circling the wall divider in center
CONTACT – Joelle/Chantee and Nick make contact to imitate the kaleidoscopic aspects of many of the pieces – move as a group before disbanding, returning to corners or exiting

maria – loren

scrolling, biomorphic  – foreground/background   – participate/hidden   –  “stop” – as soon as you arrive, you leave  –  (diaspora paradigm: never fully left, never fully arrive)  – how does the pattern vanish as it develops?

finale – in grand hall

find the pattern, make the pattern, leave the pattern     –       stillness      –  recall a previous voice.

olivia – emily

in-between, juxtapose, entwine.
Paper, dry, close; collect patterns, trace and connect; interrupt with reflection; knots, lattice patterns; out of place; singular, focus, loss