Hyperlocal #6.5 – F O R M [ L E S S ]

For this performance, we are considering form and what’s in between form.
What follows are some thoughts about states and an invitation to think about form differently.

Dan’s question is useful: “Are we leaning toward Form or “[less]”?” I think we all agreed that it may be impossible to be without form. So its good to explore the other side of our instincts and training to create and find states that might be generative, new ways of knowing. So the paradox is that the in-betweeness  (liminality) of form  by nature of being form-adjacent, becomes a part of form. The absence of form is impossible because we organize everything we consume. Such an adherence to normative order begs the experimenter to look between or outside of practiced forms.

Here are some quotes/ideas from choreographer Meg Stuart about states from her book, Are We Here Yet? (Thanks Dan Schuchart for lending this book!)
..you allow a wide range of states, voices, movements and gestures to emerge from your body without censoring them.
…what comes up is fictional or completely foreign to human experience -becoming liquid for example.States may manifest in just one body part or just in your voice – I see them as frequencies and temperatures rather than things that can be easily articulated with words.

– you need to fully commit to whatever state you arrive at, trusting your experience before you can name it.


 – a state emerges when you are no longer thinking in technical terms about what you are doing.


-a state is a window into a different reality


-States have consequences; they have potential narrative.


– A state is activity plus intention, and the gap between what you project and what actually comes through   is revealing.
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Summary of Scores


I. Landscapes and solos

  • landscapes –  exist in duration, long enough to maintain a texture
  • landscapes –  create a frame/anchor
  • solo vs landscape  — solo emerges from landscape —
  • when does a solo(ist) rejoin the landscape or be consumed by it?
  • a solo or a solo idea?  One idea experiences/made/contributed to by many – to create a singular idea, from many voices
  • soli –  simultaneous solos

II.  States

  • best to leave this open
  • galaxies, systems collide
  • establish as their own that converge or absorb another
  • individual states -or- meta states  (that we all share)
  • collage of states

III. Beginnings  – “Find the treasure and bring it home”  -did Tim say that?

  • we will make 4 separate, absolute beginnings. These will be marked by an exit/finish/silence after each “beginning” has been established.
  • we will each begin, then discover/make whatever the moment reveals, as soon as we experience it, we finish.
  • after 4 beginnings, the beginnings and ‘resets’ will continue but we probably won’t be “doing” them at the same time.
  • How do you define what you are acknowledging?
  • a beginning is only such with an ending.