Timeness Of Things | Objects, Frames, and Ritual

The Pitch Project Gallery & Artist Studios

Brenner Brewery

706 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204



Two Performances – Thursday AND Saturday
Thursday April 13th, 8:30pm
Saturday April 15th, 8:30pm
(no Friday performance)
Tickets: $15 general, $8 Students With Current ID
Cash Only

Timeness of Things | Objects, Frames, and Ritual is an interdisciplinary collaboration by choreographers Maria Gillespie, Nguyen Nguyen, and Erik Speth. Timeness of Things combines movement and media to explore memory and personal histories in our embodied experience. This work presents a beautiful paradox of the always-moving yet always-vanishing gesture, unfolding memory into movement, and movement back into memory. Timeness of Things explores personal narratives and re-imagines them through the ritual of movement. Platforms simultaneously create a zoomed in sense space for performance that emphasize the dancer’s vulnerability as well as empower the isolated body with virtuosity and heightened presence. The digital media becomes an active participant, at once a part of the body’s archival process. Video and sound triggers re-frame how we construct meaning. The camera capture and playback integrate space and body to highlight, disrupt, or shift the possibilities of movements creating a close relationship between the embodied gesture and the technologic gesture.

Performed by: Emily Bartsch, Kayla Flentje, Chanteé Kelly, Olivia Valenza

Videography, Photography, Editing: Nicole Langenfeld

Platforms Design & Construction: Mike Rea

Media Engineer: Erik Speth

Choreographers and Directors: Maria Gillespie, Nguyen Nguyen, Erik Speth

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