Hyperlocal #6- L I M I N A L    Photos: James Tomasello

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Hyperlocal #1 El Encuentro, Photos: James Tomasello

EL3A9673_Joelle lean MaryhelenEL3A9654_quartet eEL3A9652_quartet dEL3A9650_quartet cEL3A9647_quartet bEL3A9646_quartet aEL3A9584_DawnEL3A9556_Joelle hold Dawn headEL3A9553_Dawn Joelle 1 faceEL3A9530_Joelle reachesEL3A9519_MG twistEL3A9480_Joelle ReachEL3A9471_mg joelle Pat waiting to beginEL3A9435_Dawn MG Josh sittingEL3A9218 3 with Pat_ crouchyEL3A9186 3 with Allen TimEL3A9180_mid grab Allen TimEL3A9170_Joelle Pat AllenEL3A9109_Joelle reaches PatEL3A9731_4 falling Tim AllenEL3A9754_Dawn reaches EL3A9726_mg twist_TimAllen EL3A9675_Joelle Points EL3A9618_Gina solo EL3A9366_Dawn Gina arm tangle EL3A9245_Gina MG Allen Tim EL3A9197_Gina Joelle MG Allen EL3A9661_Tim percussion EL3A9103_Gina Pat

Hyperlocal #1 El Encuentro, Photos: James Tomasello

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